New catalog Goubard 2014-2015

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New catalog Goubard 2014-2015
Friday, October 31, 2014Description :
Available on request, this catalog allows you to discover all the Goubard products in terms of buckets, buckets and loader shovels.

The catalog GOUBARD proposes to you to discover the novelties and the whole extent of the Goubard standard or tailor-made solutions.

This catalog is structured in 3 parts:

=> The tippers

With a complete description of all the tippers offered: tipper open or closed; Manual or automatic, bucket with bucket, bottom bucket, aggregate bucket, suction bucket, inclined bottom bucket ...

=> Buckets and Shovels

With an overview of the available offers for Large volume and small volume hydraulic bulk buckets and Loader excavators

=> Handling accessories

Accessories that allow you to meet a multitude of specific needs: pallet rocker, lifting stem, snow blade, rudder bar, bag feeder, box reverser, fork extender, fork extension ...

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