New EJE C20 pallet truck: ever more comfort and performance of Jungheinrich

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New EJE C20 pallet truck: ever more comfort and performance of Jungheinrich
Friday, October 24, 2008Description :
Ergonomics of work, power, stability in curves, maneuverability and maneuverability are the characteristics of the new design of the electric pallet truck EJE C20.

The EJE C20 electric pallet truck combines state-of-the-art technology with ease of use while providing comfort and safety for the operator.

In addition to the initial lifting of the load-bearing arms, the EJE C20 pallet truck is equipped with a single mast integrated into the battery box, which can lift loads up to a total height of 800 mm. "With the EJE C20 (rear head restraints as an option), operators can effortlessly and without having to bend down to upgrade pallets for shelving and order preparation," explains Benjamin Bourguet, Development Agency Jungheinrich. This electric pallet truck complies with the recommendations of the CRAM.

Specificities and novelties

• Maintenance-free Jungheinrich asynchronous motor. It improves performance (high speed and powerful acceleration) and reduces operating costs over the life of the truck.

• Long tether with low anchor which allows a permanent control of the truck and maintains a sufficient space between the driver and the load, especially in the corners.

• New design of the multifunctional tiller head with multiple innovations: waterproof sensors (IP 65) offering optimum safety, tilting buttons and contactless electronics ensuring perfect control in all positions, optimum ergonomics with a well-designed control arrangement.

• ProTracLink hydraulic stabilization system (Jungheinrich patent): by connecting the suspended stabilizing wheels, it distributes the bearing force on each wheel according to the situation, uniformly in a straight line and concentrated on the curved outer stabilizer wheel.

• End-of-lift cut-off: standard overload protection of the pump. By the software, the pump motor is switched off automatically after five seconds of uninterrupted action on the fork lift control.

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