New joist clamp: the lightest in this kind of Rema Rolland

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New joist clamp: the lightest in this kind of Rema Rolland
Thursday, November 21, 2013Description :
This clamp is equipped with a double locking mechanism and a movable pivot which guarantees a high grip and more safety. The movable pivots on each side of the clamp are provided with a semi-circular support for a higher engagement as the pivots move in the same direction as the load. This ensures optimal safety and the load does not slip out of the clamp.

The clamp is provided with two lifting eyes: one for lifting and transporting the loads in horizontal position and one for taking in vertical. This clamp is the lightest in this genre. The cage, the pivot and the screw are made of a solid alloy steel thanks to the heat treatment, which gives more security to this compact execution.

The clamp is operative for lifting at an angle (eg for "I" beams).
The grip mechanism allows lifting at an angle up to 10 degrees without the risk of the load coming out of the clamp during transport.
The adjusting screw is provided with a thin thread.
The clamp is resistant to vibrations thanks to the intensive tightening.
The hexagonal screw (inner diameter 21 mm) can be tightened with a ratchet.
The cage is provided with a painted finish and the removable pivots are corrosion-resistant.

- Lifting and transporting
- Steel material including H-beams, sheets, - pipes, profiles, piles as well as pilars, welded objects and other parts.
- Descent of loads by
- Electric hoists, winches, pulleys and other handling systems.
- Steel sheets and other parts for arrangement.

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