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New Jungheinrich reach truck
Friday, September 4, 2009Description :
The design of this retractable trolley and its super-elastic tires make it particularly suitable for mixed indoor / outdoor use.

The ETV C16 / 20 retractable truck, manufactured at the Jungheinrich plant in Norderstedt, has excellent ground clearance) and super elastic tires, making it particularly suitable for mixed indoor / outdoor use. "This retractable truck can be used both on smooth warehouse floors and uneven asphalt during truck loading / unloading," says Armin Holzner, Product Management and Marketing Manager for Shrink wrap at Jungheinrich.

"The well-known advantages of other ranges have thus been integrated into this trolley." Among them are the 180 ° electric steering with a small steering wheel that maneuveres effortlessly and in silence. The reduction in travel speed as a function of the steering angle (Curve Control) is now also standard on the ETV C16 / 20.

This trolley is characterized by a powerful acceleration and a fast reverse gear, without "reflection pause". High efficiency with low maintenance is also part of the package. The energy recovery obtained by reducing the travel speed increases not only the operational time of the C16 / 20 ETV but also contributes to the preservation of the environment.

The ETV C16 / 20 retractable truck can be used with very narrow working aisles (from 2, 829 mm wide according to the VDI when Euro pallets are to be taken along the length) allowing Economical storage and recovery in particularly confined spaces. The truck can lift loads up to 1600 kg (ETV C16) or 2000 kg (ETV C20) up to heights of 7,100 mm (ETV C16) and 7,400 mm (ETV C20).

The cockpit of the new ETV C16 / 20 offers excellent working conditions for the driver. Thanks to the electric steering, there is no steering column in the cab and the driver can climb and descend quickly, safely. The loads are lifted or lowered smoothly via the SOLO PILOT or the MULTI PILOT, available as an option. The truck is also made safer by an integrated scale that informs the driver of the weight of the load.

The lateral positioning of the seat and the masts fitted to Jungheinrich retractable trucks offer excellent visibility, even when transporting high loads.

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