New range of conveyors SOMEFI of Alvey

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New range of conveyors SOMEFI of Alvey
Sunday, March 16, 2008Description :
Somefi, the newtec handling systems remote sales department, always listening to the expectations of its customers, has developed a new range of conveyors.

A homogeneous range, whatever the type of device (free roller conveyor, motorized, belt conveyor), one and the same member.

An industrial range that can adapt to the customer's needs over time: change of pitch for roller devices, simplified conveyor lengthening due to the great flexibility offered by the innovative chord design.

An eco-designed range with consideration from the design stage of reducing the environmental impact of our devices.

Search for:

• use renewable or low-impact components;

• reduce the energy consumption of our motorized equipment by choosing more efficient engines.

Products :

Modular and adaptable devices: step change; Roll diameter; Of web height; Guides formed by the chord or not.

Devices suited to the needs of customers: modification of useful widths (+/- 50mm) for a better adaptation to the conventional dimensions of the cartons.

Aesthetic appliances especially for accessories.

Services :

Reactivity and increased flexibility in terms of manufacturing delays thanks to a standardization of accessories and a reduction in the number of references of articles used in our products. Client autonomy thanks to simple and clear device design. Possibility for the user to modify his roller device himself by simply ordering new rollers without having to call upon a specialist for the assembly.

The offer:

A clear and legible offer: for the same useful width, the overall width will always be the same regardless of the type of conveyor.

Somefi is always the guarantee of quality appliances delivered in short time.

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