New Still FM-X reach truck

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New Still FM-X reach truck
Monday, May 26, 2014Description :
This new range of very compact trolleys is ideal for storage as well as for order preparation or for transport on long journeys both indoors and outdoors.

This shopping trolley FM-X has many advantages:

• Vibration control

With this new forklift, Still has developed a unique active load stabilization system that quickly and efficiently stops vibrations occurring at high heights. The handling of loads is more efficient, but also safer when posed and deposited in the high shelves.

•The power

Thanks to the improved rigidity of the mast and its new design, the FM-X can easily lift loads up to 1000 kg at a lifting height of 13 m, thus enabling the user to make optimal use of his storage space. With a load capacity ranging from 1 t to 2.5 t, all trucks are also available in a narrow version for use in narrow aisle warehouses or drive-in racks. The 1.4 t, 1.7 t or 2.0 t FM-X trolley is also available with super-elastic tires and greater ground clearance for combined indoor / outdoor use.

Thanks to its 48 V asynchronous motor, the FM-X has high travel speeds of up to 14 km / h and lifting speeds of up to 0.5 m / s. The motor part meets the IP54 standard, which protects it against splashes of mud, dust and moisture. Another advantage of the FM-X: its low power consumption allows multi-team use with only one battery charge.

• The Ergonomics

The FM-X has a low-sized, large-sized step and a handful of access points that help the driver to get on and off. The cockpit has been designed to offer maximum comfort. The steering column can be adjusted horizontally and vertically according to the needs of each user. The driver's seat cushions the shocks and vibrations caused by irregular floors, thus preserving the driver's back. Proportional adjustment of the seat and floor provides optimum position regardless of the driver's morphology. The reclining seat allows clear vision on the forks and on the load while preserving the neck.

The hydraulic functions are controlled by a joystick or mini-levers (fingertip)

• Security and accuracy

Comprehensive information on speed, driving programs, the state of charge of the battery or also the weight lifted are clearly displayed on a screen. Thanks to the mast translator and the asymmetrical positioning of the free lift hoses, the visibility on the load is excellent. The pre-selection of the lift height or the use of a camera system facilitate the storage and retrieval operations. Thanks to the fully electric 360 ° steering, the FM-X can be positioned easily and precisely even with heavy loads up to 2.5 t.

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