NORD systems drive overhead conveyors and hoists from a paint shop

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NORD systems drive overhead conveyors and hoists from a paint shop
Monday, June 20, 2016Description :
At the headquarters of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, the power, features and
The intelligence of NORD products contribute directly to
Improving the productivity of the company in its workshop and
Therefore the competitiveness of the company. Indeed, geared motors
And NORD electronic controllers are used in various
Applications. One of the most remarkable is the recent
Installation, where NORD systems drive conveyors
 Ventilators and hoists.
The new NORD DRIVESYSTEMS headquarters paint shop
Bargteheide, in Germany, is twice as large as the previous one.
Together, the new paint booths, the automated warehouse
Very high height for drying the paint and
Have an area of ??1,400 m². A control system
 Cleared on average the time
paint work. Thus, motor-reducer can now be painted and
Shipped within two hours of being assembled.

A fast track painting line
NORD configures each drive system according to the command, and
Almost exclusively uses components manufactured in-house. The
Specific paints are part of this process. Fast processing
Of urgent orders is now much easier. Previously, the
Geared motors were regularly returned at the end of the queue
Once the first layer is applied. The new conveyor system
Allows for extreme flexibility: after drying, the
 Priority products can cut the queue for
Application of the second coat of paint. Sorting algorithms
Intelligents also ensure that priority orders
Are grouped optimally by type of paint
And paint color. This has helped to reduce waste and
Configuration times. In addition, state-of-the-art filtering systems
Are installed in the paint booths limiting pollution to
Strict minimum. Packing stations also benefit from the
Intelligent sorting capabilities of conveyor systems: each station
Can be assigned to a particular shipping mode.
The right training system for every task
More than 100 drive systems perform various tasks on the
 New site. NORD training technologies
Conveyors, hoists, exhaust ventilation systems and
Fan cooling systems. Relying on its own
Range of modular drives, NORD has configured solutions
Optimal for each specific need. Coupling reducers
Conical and high-efficiency screws and reduction ratios
Very high are used. Depending on the performance and
Functionality, the engines are controlled by different models of
Frequency inverters.

Ventilation systems
Four fans with an air flow rate of 22,000 m³ / h guarantee
The good renewal of the air in the paint booths. The
Fans are equipped with on-board 22 kW drives
 Of SK 200E frequency inverters. The control solution
Standby mode and guarantees adequate compensation for pollution
Filters by regulating the speed of the engine as a function of the air flow rate
measured. Like all NORD drives, these drives
Intelligent energy-saving functionality. They detect
Automatically partial loads and reduce consumption
Of the engine power accordingly. The drives are installed on
The roof next to the ventilation units, they benefit from a
Protection IP 66.

Overhead conveyor
NORD engines and geared motors passing through these installations
Often weigh several hundred kilograms, which
Robust material. The overhead conveyor moves at maximum speed
Of 10 m / min. It is equipped with more than 100 worm geared motors.
 Parts of the site are classified as hazardous areas (Ex 2). The
14 drives installed in these areas are controlled by
In cabinet units of the SK 500E range. All other workouts
 Are equipped with an on-board variator of type SK 180E. With a report
 Optimal price / quality and offering a multitude of functions designed to
Improve performance, the SK 180E can be used with motors
Power between 0.25 and 2.2 kW in order to meet all
Simple handling tasks in horizontal applications. A
 Installed with the drive adds an interface
Profibus communication, as well as different sensor interfaces
And pneumatic systems for the transmission of positioning data and
 Control of switches. The drive configuration capacity
And systematic use of plug-in connections have been
Played an essential role in reducing installation costs on this
Immense site. Vector-controlled variable speed drives are
Equipped with a separate 24V control power supply, and are thus
Accessible via Profibus even when the main 400V power supply
Is cut off.
Technology for hoists
The site has a very high drying room. A
The automated storage and retrieval unit provides
Flexible way to all products being manufactured. Each
System can be recovered by its designation
Individually and automatically routed to a paint booth
Via the overhead conveyor. The storage and retrieval room
Is equipped with powerful helical geared motors for
Lifting and training. The telescopic boom that grabs the
Product is extended by means of a geared motor
Cylindrical compact and lightweight. NORD used control system of
Positioning for the lifting and driving axles. Concretely,
Frequency inverters of SK 545E type process simultaneously the
Absolute positioning data and the signal from a motor encoder
Incremental. They then independently adjust the position in
Dependent on the predefined value indicated by the warehouse controller
Automated storage and retrieval systems, and then
Position reached at the PLC. Electronic controllers control
Speed ??and ensure smooth acceleration and braking
(S-shaped ramps). In this application, Profinet interfaces have been
Integrated for communication with the PLC.

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