OptaFleet fleet management system


OptaFleet fleet management system
Description :

Modular system that Contributes to ensuring safety in the workplace, providing Management information in real time and to reduce the total cost of Possession of fleets of industrial vehicles.

Possibility Installation of any machine brand to meet all Requirements of industrial environments.

The ECU, including some Devices, to control the programmed functions and to store The requested data.

The OptaFleet software stores all information In a database and make them available through an interface Web to authorized users.

OptaFleet Main components

In the development of the OptaFleet system we have Account of the most severe industrial conditions.

The components have been designed to High temperatures, dust and even high pressure cleaning.

OptaFleet Interface Web

Via secure login Web application allows real-time preview of vehicles and drivers.

The language of the system is automatically set to your choice.

The general dashboard page provides a quick overview of the actual condition of vehicles, drivers, and events.

Alerts and reminders are presented in different colors and a simple click on these events allows you to get detailed information.

Examples of events :

Renewal dates for CACES

Calling VGP

Detection of shocks on 5 preset levels


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