Pepperl + Fuchs OHV100 and OHV200 code readers for parts detection and distribution

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Pepperl + Fuchs OHV100 and OHV200 code readers for parts detection and distribution
Thursday, August 21, 2014Description :
For the detection of parts and distribution of goods, manual readers of 1D and 2D codes are essential tools in daily industrial operations. In order to ensure maximum efficiency, these devices must have good reading performance, be easy to use and have additional functions to simplify the user's task. These can include flexible options for adapting the handheld reader to various applications and connecting to smartphones and tablets.

The new OHV100 and OHV200 manual readers from Pepperl + Fuchs benefit from excellent reading capabilities and many convenient features. Whether it's safe reading of codes on reflective surfaces such as metal, plastic, or aluminum packaging, or the optical sighting mechanism by which codes can be targeted quickly and with High accuracy, these manual drives can perform virtually any task expected by the user. With a high resolution of 1.2 million pixels and a wide operating range of 50 to 310 mm, they provide greater freedom for the user and can read small and large codes. This is made possible by a patented double lens, with two distinct spans, one short and the other long.

With the aid of the configuration software Vision Configurator, the user is able to perfectly adapt the reader to his application. It can for example extract certain characters from the read code, if a specific condition is fulfilled. The manual readers of the series OHV integrates a JavaScript license to implement user-specific intelligent functions. Equipped with an IP 65 or IP 54 enclosure, these handheld readers are designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions.

To transfer data to a computer system, a USB or RS232 interface is used for the OHV100 model, while the OHV200 model has a wireless connection via Bluetooth with a detection range of 30 m. Readers can also be used outside the radio range thanks to their large built-in memory. The recorded data can be transferred later via the recharging base.

Bluetooth can also send data to iOS smartphones and tablets and transfer them directly to open applications without any additional hardware or software. In the same way, the manual readers allow a reading directly on the screen of a smartphone. Among the other functionalities we find the reading of moving codes and alerts to the user via an optical, acoustic or vibrating signal.

The regularly used functions can be assigned to one of the programmable keys. The OHV200 is available in two versions: with and without handle, the latter easily fits into a pocket pocket.

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