Pepperl + Fuchs VB14N-T compact barcode reader for low temperature applications

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Pepperl + Fuchs VB14N-T compact barcode reader for low temperature applications
Friday, August 8, 2014Description :
The processing, transport and identification of products can be tedious due to difficult environmental conditions, eg negative temperatures. In general, standard automation equipment such as barcode readers does not work in cold rooms. Special versions of these devices should be used instead, and their performance is often lower. This is why systems with no such restrictions are more attractive.

The Pepperl + Fuchs VB14N-T compact barcode reader operates at temperatures between -35 and +45 ° C, with no loss of performance. With a capacity of 1,000 readings per second and a resolution of 0.2 mm, this device provides the same performance as the VB14N for normal operating conditions. The version suitable for low temperatures is characterized by an integrated heating, monitored by a temperature control system with microcontroller. The unit continuously determines the optimum heating power according to the internal temperature of the bar code reader and the outdoor temperature. Developers have been able to combine opposing properties, such as low power consumption (10 W maximum) and a very short warm-up time of up to 20 minutes.

The other highlights of this device are the possibility of being used as master or slave, thanks to which 32 drives can operate simultaneously on a network. Configuration via PC Genius software and innovative concept of direct operation with a mode button. With the intelligent code rebuild feature, the device can even read damaged, low-contrast or blurred codes.

The standard version and this version for low temperatures have the same dimensions, and are therefore easily interchangeable. Few cables are required, the device and the heating system being powered via the same cable. Thanks to the possibility of using the VB14N-T at positive temperatures, the device housed in a rugged IP 65 enclosure is truly universal and can be used in a wide range of applications.

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