Piab launches a new generation of lip bags piGRIP®

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Piab launches a new generation of lip bags piGRIP®
Sunday, June 8, 2014Description :
These new suction cups, characterized by better grip and new dimensions, allow the handling of bags in various materials, in particular thin film bags that are difficult to handle, such as plastic films.

The first generation of lip bags piGRIP® "BG" has been developed to handle most types of bags and bags much more efficiently than other suction cups available on the market. The special design of the lip, combined with rigid and robust piGRIP® body bellows / bodies, makes it possible to achieve speeds and accelerations when handling bags never previously obtained on automated equipment for bags / bags. In addition to the traditional plastic bags used for dry foods (eg chips), the new lips bags piGRIP® have been designed to allow excellent hold on standing pockets containing liquid or dry / wet foods / substances .

These bag suction cups are now available in 25, 34, 41, 48, 63 and 80 mm. The widest range of diameters available now makes it possible to handle very small and / or flexible, narrow and oblong packs (ketchup bags in fast food) with the smallest 25 mm diameter suction cup. The largest suction cup, 80 mm, is suitable for the handling of heavy bags or bags such as bags of animal feed.

The new fastener prevents the thin films of the bags from being sucked into the suction cup, thus improving the grip and eliminating the appearance of marks on the fine material of the bags. The lip and fastener are made of materials approved by the FDA.

A new, more robust bonding process between the lip and the bellows prevents the lips from peeling off during operating cycles, even under extremely difficult conditions (high speed and greasy environments). The new locking sleeve, which forms the fastener, ensures that the lip remains in position. The interchangeable lips make it possible to save money thanks to the new locking solution, because it is enough to replace only the lip instead of the complete suction cup.

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