Platform trolleys 6R.E plus LKE

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Platform trolleys 6R.E plus LKE
Monday, November 18, 2013Description :
6-wheel steering with two adjustable fixed wheels

Technical details :

- Dimensions W x W x H approx. In mm 1365 x 850 x 1130

- Usable area: approx. 1225 x 825 mm

- Tensile force: max. 3000 kg

- Max payload: 1000 kg

- Stable steel construction, welded, screwed and galvanized

- Galvanized protection grille (illustration without grille)

- The handle allows manual operation in tight spaces

- Particularly flexible and stable trajectory

- The central locking lever ensures that the trolley is locked by the swivel castors in a centralized way with the foot

- The central locking lever is automatically triggered during the coupling process and the central locking wheels are released

- Mobile on the sides

- 4 guide angles

Chassis (standard):

- 4 swivel castors of which 2 fixed castors with locking device, no traces, gray, Ø 160 mm, polyurethane coating, ball bearing in the hub

- 4 removable fixed castors, no traces, gray, Ø 160 mm, with elastic rubber band,

Balls in the hub

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