Qorarox Prorunner mk9 modular lift for pallets up to 1,500 kilos

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Qorarox Prorunner mk9 modular lift for pallets up to 1,500 kilos
Monday, June 24, 2013Description :
Qimarox launches a brand new pallet lift, called Prorunner mk9. The Prorunner mk9 is a compact and robust elevator that easily climbs or descends from 10 meters pallets up to 1,500 kilos. Thanks to its modular construction, the elevator is durable, easy to maintain and easily integrate into any environment without requiring additional engineering.

The Prorunner mk9 is equipped as standard with a lifting platform of 1200 x 1200 millimeters. Thus, this elevator can handle not only europallets but also load carriers having atypical formats such as 1200 x 1000 or 1200 x 1200 millimeters. The maximum permissible weight is 1,500 kg.

Depending on the height, the Prorunner mk9 can reach a capacity of 60 pallets per hour.

The Prorunner mk9 can easily overcome any level difference between 0.5 and 10 meters. The modular construction of the elevator consists of sections with a minimum height of 1,250 millimeters and can be raised in increments of 250 millimeters.

Insertion and exit on three sides

Since the entire construction and the drive are integrated in one side, the pallets can be inserted or out on three sides. A single machine can also serve several infeed or exhaust mats, which makes it possible to use the elevator for vertical sorting, for example.

The standard drive consists of an SEW electric motor which can be fixed to the floor or the mezzanine, according to the customer's wishes.

Robust and low in maintenance

The Prorunner mk9 is distinguished from other pallet lifts by its robust construction. By constructing the column, in which the support rises and falls, made of steel and not of aluminum, the construction remains stable despite all the dynamic forces which intervene during the use.

For lifting, the Prorunner mk9 is equipped with steel cables protected by an unbreakable synthetic sheath.

These cables allow silent lifting and require little maintenance: unlike chains, they must not be lubricated or taut. Thanks to this low-maintenance construction, not only the purchase price, but also the total cost of ownership are very low.

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