Quiet nights thanks to the Yale MP16S low-noise pallet truck

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Quiet nights thanks to the Yale MP16S low-noise pallet truck
Saturday, October 4, 2008Description :
To reduce noise during night deliveries, Yale has designed the MP16S, an electric pallet truck specially designed to reduce noise pollution.

At the warehouse development center in Italy, the engineers first isolated all the noise zones on the standard pallet truck and then designed the Yale MP16S low-noise electric pallet truck: a solution that makes it possible to use A pallet truck at a time to carry out deliveries at night and in other applications where the acoustic factor is to be taken into consideration.

All mechanical parts used on a standard pallet truck were reviewed. Noise-generating areas have been acoustically insulated: noise-absorbing magnetic fasteners on the battery cover, noise-absorbing mechanical shock absorbers, noise-absorbing materials on the engine bonnet and on the hydraulic pump, and absorbent paint Noises on the chassis.

Although these measures greatly contributed to reducing noise disturbance, real progress in design was the third offset wheel that Yale Europe Materials is running in parallel with standard bogies at the front of the forks. This patented system means that the anti-noise wheels adhere perfectly to the floor and do not "slip" between pavers, concrete blocks or even irregular surfaces outside the shops.

The new MP16S Yale Low-Powered Electric Pallet Truck is designed to meet the increased demand for silent storage equipment from retail stores, small neighborhood businesses, or where these pallet trucks are used in close proximity to residential neighborhoods, in particular Night or early morning.

Ideal for deliveries outside opening hours, the low-noise MP16S electric pallet truck is patented in design and will appeal to a wide range of warehouse users who are aware of the fact that a reduction Noise levels in the workplace can not only increase productivity, but also ensure peaceful nights for the neighborhood.

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