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Reach truck Cat® NR-N2
Sunday, July 20, 2014Description :
The new Cat Lift Trucks is characterized by its high residual capacity, innovative ergonomics, high energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements

The Cat® NR-N2 has many advantages:

=> Improved yield:

One of the advantages of the best profitability of the Cat reach truck is the development of the RDS (Responsive Drive System). Advanced RDS functions optimize mast handling, accelerate lifting and lowering, make starting and stopping more evenly during mast retractions, and provide precise control of tilt and lateral displacement. The RDS also includes a new shrink and mast technology for better stability and minimal swing, as well as several user-programmable performance modes or customizable parameters by a technician to meet different needs.

The maximum lifting of the poweRamic mast reaches the impressive height of 13 meters and the residual capacity at high heights is the best in its class. The user can choose, as an option, the all-new pre-selector. Easier to handle than other models available on the market, this pre-selector height makes it possible to stack faster and more safely.

=> Consideration of operator comfort:

On the N2 generation models, Cat Lift Trucks offers operators an entirely redesigned adjustable armrest that combines anatomical support with freedom of movement and perfect hand positioning. It is equipped with fingertip proportional hydraulic controls or an optional joystick control.

The cockpit is large, clear and comfortable. The seating position, low, makes it possible to enter and leave the cab without effort and increases the available space above the driver's head. Practical handles and intermediate steps are also provided. Optimum visibility is ensured by the design of the mast, the fork carriage and the protective guard.

Driving assistance and operator safety includes the reduction of the traveling speed as a function of the turning radius and the lifting height. Automatic adjustment of driving speed, acceleration and traction ensures smooth operation even on damp surfaces.

=> Reduced costs:

To inform the operator about the condition of the truck, avoid misuse and protect the buyer's investment, the NR-N2 range is equipped as standard with a high-quality color display panel. Easy to use, it presents clear information in the native language of the operator. Assets are minimized by extended service intervals (600 hours), durable construction, maintenance-free AC power, and easy access to all components, including pumps and the controller.

The AC motor and state-of-the-art control technology reduce energy consumption while optimum regenerative use of the brake minimizes wear on mechanical brake components.

=> A range that answers to many applications:

Eleven models are available for a capacity range between 1.4 and 2.5 tonnes. The range includes compact and gantry models, ideal for access to storage racks and reduced spaces, as well as high capacity and high performance models for heavy loads and intensive applications. The many options available include modifications for extreme cold or hot environments.

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