Ring bolts rotatable high-strength grade 10 - 07695


Ring bolts rotatable high-strength grade 10 - 07695
Description :

In contrast to DIN 580 ring bolts this ring bolt is rotatable, therefore the load direction is adjustable and unintended tightening or loosening is negated.
– 4x safety factor
– lateral loading up to 90° is possible
– ring can rotate 360° with tightened screw

The listed load values apply for a minimum screw length of 1x nominal thread diameter in steel with a minimum tensile strength of 363 N/mm², at an application temperature of -20 °C to +100 °C.

Application areas: machine construction, tool construction, parts carrier construction, logistics, transport technology
100% electromagnetic crack test
Security multiplied by 4
Adjustable force steering, side stop possible up to 90o
Application temperature: -20oC to +100oC


Ring 1.6541 steel.
Screw steel.

Ring forged and high tensile tempered.
100% electromagnetic crack tested per EN 1677-1, 4x safety factor.
Thread grade 10.9.

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