RS Piggyback Hang-On Spreader

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Friday, August 30, 2019Description : The piggyback slave attachment is a removable unit for 20ft ISO container spreaders ? dedicated for the handling of trailers, swap bodies and bottom lift containers. With this attachment, you can quickly convert your Reachstacker container spreader to an Intermodal attachment allowing you to pick up swap-bodies or trailers as well. This attachment is equipped with 4 bottom lift (piggy back) legs which can be rotated downwards and clamp hydraulically. Also then can be rotated upwards as well. If you do not need this attachment anymore, you can easily and quickly detach this from your container spreader and store it until you need it again. Stay up to date with everything Hyster related: ? Like this video and subscribe to our channel! ?Connect with us on LinkedIn: ?Like our Facebook-page: ?Follow us on Twitter: ?Follow us on Instagram:

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