Sapelem, for the handling of glazing

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Sapelem, for the handling of glazing
Wednesday, July 3, 2013Description :
Description: SAPELEM proposes a range of ergonomic manipulators dedicated to the needs of industrial joineries to help the operators to the key positions of the trade: transfer, engondage, palletization ....

Process: Arm in steel or aluminum with an electronic lifting system allows to pivot and turn the glazing with a force of only 20 g.

Advantages :

• Respect for fragile products (The user moves the load naturally without pressing buttons)

• Precision of the displacements (the movements of the gripper are controlled by sensory joysticks)

• Removal of TMS (disappearance of difficulty for the operator, the load immediately follows the movement of the hand)

• Optimum work rate (high manipulator utilization rate)

Specificity: For workstations requiring a large work area, it is possible to install under rails taken under framing or mounted under a supporting structure.

Safety: A release button forbids lifting without vacuum as well as placing in the air

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