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SAPEM RSB Reel Turnstile
Saturday, September 14, 2013Description :
The RSB system is an assembly comprising a metal strap mounted on a pulley which is completely described on pages 40 to 44 of the SAPEM catalog.

In particular, this product is used to raise the coils from their horizontal transport position vertically in order to install them on the chuck of the unwinders which feed the cutting presses, without damaging the coil or the strap, thanks to To the pulley which makes it possible to equalize the tension of the strands of the strap and prevents any shifting of the strap with respect to the coil.

Two variants are available.

In the first, page 40 of the SAPEM catalog, the strap used is a heavy duty strap, or stainless steel strap, which is suitable for most steel coils, while in the second, page 42 of SAPEM catalog, the lower part of the strap is made of textile, which is suitable for fragile materials, such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum or chrome for goldsmithing.

The RSB system is intended for all workshops that need to lift or turn spools without damaging the spools or straps, with an easy to use tool and easy to move where necessary.

It can be associated with an RSB shim when the width of the coil exceeds 300 mm, especially if, after using a part of the coil, it must be put back flat.

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