Schmalz lightweight crane systems for lifting devices

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Schmalz lightweight crane systems for lifting devices
Saturday, May 12, 2012Description :
Schmalz SRA crane systems are distinguished by their lightweight construction. Standardized components make it possible to realize individualized and advantageous material flow solutions.

All Schmalz crane systems are constructed from aluminum profiles available in five dimensions and with individual lengths up to 8,000 mm. They are used for the crane and the beam.

Despite their compact dimensions and low weight, they are extremely resistant to bending and torsion. The most robust profile is capable of lifting loads up to 950 kg. Another important component is the transport trolley equipped with rollers with excellent rolling properties.

It receives lifting devices such as a chain hoist, cable balancer or vacuum lifting tube and moves them on the crane rail with amazing simplicity. The complete system is also composed of cable carriers for fixing the power supply (electricity, compressed air or vacuum), stops for limiting and adjusting the stroke, as well as shutter plates And fasteners.

The cranes are installed on the ceiling or gantry using fixed or adjustable suspensions.

What configuration options are available? The modular system allows design as a single-girder, biputre and monorail crane. If necessary, it is possible to install several beams on a crane.

Rail joints make it possible to lengthen the cranes at will and thus enlarge the working area. Thanks to the low moving mass, all crane installations have excellent sliding properties when moving, braking and positioning loads - regardless of the configuration and the load handling device adopted.

The SRA system offers different solutions to meet individual requirements such as reduced spaces. The alternative fixing of the beam at the height of the rolling points makes it possible to compensate for the problems posed by low ceiling spaces. It is possible to bypass disturbing elements such as joists or support columns using a telescopic boom.

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