"SESAME": The software of "Solutions of Operations and Simulator of Activity Handling in Warehouse"

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"SESAME": The software of "Solutions of Operations and Simulator of Activity Handling in Warehouse"
Friday, August 29, 2008Description :
This 3D simulation software will help logistics companies in their planning and decision making process. Objective: minimize capital risk.

This warehouse simulation software allows companies to better understand how a warehouse works in theory. Robert O'Donoghue, General Manager for Shopping Products Hyster explains: "Simulation is not an exact science, but it can give a realistic indication of the viability of the various possibilities a park offers.

Warehouse managers will be able to consider different scenarios for combining materials within the fleet and get a good idea of ??the potential flow of pallets and associated costs. "

A warehouse specialist Hyster works with the customer to integrate all relevant data relating to its application. Key data include normal arrival and shipment configurations, as well as estimates of the minimum, average and maximum number of pallets per load, warehouse size, shelf dimensions and number of loading and unloading docks. Of unloading.

From this data, several scenarios will be proposed based on the number and types of handling equipment. From the known performance parameters for each truck, a series of algorithms will then illustrate how the warehouse would actually work.

Hyster has invested heavily in the development of this software with Incontrol Simulation Software BV.

The need for realism was an essential element in the development of this warehouse simulator. Each simulation takes into account the important data of a shopping operation:

• Battery discharge, charging, schedules and change rates.

• Stop time and access time to the data terminal.

• Operator duty cycle, pause time and ability or authorization to operate certain types of trucks.

• Approach speed when the forks are lifted.

• Slowing down of the forklift truck when cornering or in the vicinity of another truck.

The program can also simulate a range of order picking modes and clearly indicates in a graph the location and timing of congestion.

This warehouse simulator allows customers to view 2D and 3D representations of their operations. It also provides various graphs that illustrate the use and performance of each area of ??operation throughout the day.

Hyster specialists, trained specifically in this system, then help identify the optimal combination of vehicles within the fleet to optimize productivity and minimize the total cost of running the warehouse.

"This simulator allows warehouse owners to know if they really use the most appropriate combination of trucks. The Hyster warehouse simulator can show realistically how choosing a slightly different truck combination can reduce Costs and improve overall efficiency ".

We advise customers whose site already exists or is planning to take advantage of this Hyster simulation software and request a free consultation from one of the Hyster specialists through their nearest dealer.

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