Shock and transport vibration recorder: Shocklog rd411 with GPS location and Tilt Import GPRS connection

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Shock and transport vibration recorder: Shocklog rd411 with GPS location and Tilt Import GPRS connection
Monday, September 15, 2008Description :
This new shock recorder, which will be presented during the show of the Emballage 2008, makes it possible to control the shocks which have occurred on the packaging or on the vehicles during transport.

TILT IMPORT, specializing in transport control for 22 years, presents the latest addition to its SHOCKLOG shock recording line at the packaging trade fair:

The RD411 with GPS location and info transfer by GPRS.

The latest addition to the SHOCKLOG range, this RD411 shock recorder will let you know if a vehicle (train, truck, etc.) has suffered an abnormal shock during the journey.

When an alarm level is reached (level of shock, humidity, excessive temperature), it informs the person in charge by GPRS link of the intensity of the value and the exact position where the event took place.

This helps prevent a customer in advance that the goods in the truck along the way is likely to have been damaged.

This also provides the ability to control the contents of a wagon that has experienced an abnormal shock and to "re-palletize" the load at a yard before resuming its journey.


With a battery autonomy of 3 years, it is a real small embedded laboratory that memorizes thanks to its 3 accelerometers the date, the hour and the intensity of 90 000 events shocks on the three axes.

In order to clearly identify all the transport constraints that could damage the transported products, a temperature, humidity, dew point and pressure option is available.

The programming (alarm threshold, alarm, ....) and the data recovery is done on P.C, via a software on Windows or on a web platform with password. The GPRS link informs the device in the field of its new configuration.

Among the cheaper of the market, this shock recorder is the ideal tool to control the quality of a transport, to choose between different logistic circuits, to identify the persons in charge of a disaster, etc ...

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