Siléane, receives the CFIA Innovation Award for KAMIDO robot for bulk handling applications

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Siléane, receives the CFIA Innovation Award for KAMIDO robot for bulk handling applications
Monday, April 27, 2015Description :
A breakthrough innovation

The Kamido system developed by Siléane is a self-contained robot capable of collecting / depositing, at high speed, bulk, entangled products. As in the famous game of skill, where a sampling can result in changes of position, Kamido readjusts its picking permanently.
Kamido consists of a robotic arm (4 to 6 axes) equipped with 3D vision sensors associated with a real-time image processing device which, using particularly relevant algorithms, makes it possible to determine the appropriate movements Arm and grippers (suction cup and pliers). In fact, the robot adapts its movements to a fluctuating 3D bulk and becomes perfectly autonomous.
The strength of Kamido lies in its great flexibility and simplicity because it is a solution without learning. It constitutes a breakthrough solution in the fields of sorting, loading of machines, with regard to vibrating or conveying distribution systems.
The contracts addressed

In industry, logistics and waste recycling, Kamido finds an ideal field of application when it comes to carrying out removal / packaging operations: where products are entangled, heterogeneous, difficult to handle because they are heavy , Dangerous or simply fragile. Kamido:

• Identifies products even though their position has changed in the meantime

• Recognizes even partially visible products

• Selects from heterogeneous products, those to be sampled

• Selects the gripping tool (gripper or suction cup) adapted to the products to seize and remove them without degrading them
Promising results

On preparation / packaging lines, many operations are still performed manually, because conventional robotic solutions are not cost-effective. Kamido has demonstrated its superiority over traditional semi-automated systems (vibrating conveyors, storage cabinet, etc.) which can only sort and bring the product to the operator. The sampling is carried out manually by the latter.

Illustration at a luxury industrialist on order picking lines where Kamido is installed on a mobile base. It thus covers a picking area where it collects / deposits all the elements that make up the retail order.
The cadence reaches 1200 picking / hour.

In the agro-food industry, the handling of certain fresh products requires special care, but productivity requirements impose high rates. Kamido combines precision and speed.
Ambitious goals

Given the diversity of markets addressed, Siléane has developed a range of 4 Kamido robots.
The Stéphanoise company, headed by Hervé Henry, expects sales of several hundred machines a year; On a European market estimated at several thousand units.

"We are committing an investment program of 5 M ? over 3 to 4 years and plan to recruit 60 to 80 employees on this horizon".

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