Six new types of plastic pallets from Schoeller Arca Systems

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Six new types of plastic pallets from Schoeller Arca Systems
Sunday, February 3, 2008Description :
Schoeller Arca Systems has developed six new types of plastic pallets that benefit from an innovative design.

These new arrivals in the range are lighter. However, they accept higher loads than the previous comparable models. They also integrate innovations such as locations for RFID tags and improved ergonomics.

These new pallets are called 1208 MR + 3R, 1208 HR + 3R, 1210 HR + 3R, 1210 HR + 6R, 1210 HR + 5R and BiPP Everest 1208 HR 3R IV. They are all available as BiPP and EOS pallets, except the BiPP Everest.

Plastic pallets are constantly gaining market share thanks to their properties that far exceed those of wooden pallets: excellent hygiene, stable quality and dimension, no splinters or nails or staples, no water absorption and relatively light weight.

Schoeller Arca Systems offers two kinds of pallets: BiPP and EOS. BiPP pallets are reusable and designed for closed-circuit use or rental. EOS pallets are specially developed for export use: they comply with the NIMP 15 regulations and do not require fumigation or heat treatment. To meet the growing market demand, Schoeller Arca Systems is continuously developing its choice of pallets and is proud to launch this new range.

BiPP and EOS 1208 MR + 3R

This Medium pallet with openwork tray measures 1200 x 800 mm. It comes with three soles. It weighs only 11 kg but supports a dynamic load of up to 1000 kg, thus perfectly filling the space between the light and heavy segments.

Thanks to its unrivaled height of 145 mm, plastic and wooden pallets can be used concurrently in automated systems. Nine locations for vertical integration of RFID tags are available as standard. The pallet is easy to clean and therefore suitable for agri-food applications.

BiPP and EOS 1208 HR + 3R

The 1208 HR + 3R pallet has the same characteristics as the 1208 MR + 3R but weighs 18 kg. It is a heavy duty pallet that accepts dynamic loads up to 1,250 kg and rack loads up to 1,250 kg.

BiPP and EOS 1210 HR + 3R, 1210 HR + 6R and 1210 HR + 5R

These are three heavy duty pallets with openwork trays of dimensions 1,200 x 1,000 mm, which have been developed for the handling of extremely heavy loads. With a weight of only 20 kg, they have a carrying capacity of up to 1500 kg. The 1210 HR + 3R is supplied with three soles, the 1210 HR + 6R with six and the 1210 HR + 5R with 5.

They are easy to clean and meet HACCP requirements, making them compatible with agri-food applications. Nine locations for vertical integration of RFID tags are available as standard. All three are available in both BiPP and EOS versions.

With 5 insoles and a 22 mm flange, the BiPP 1210 HR + 5R has been specially designed for the automotive industry.

BiPP Everest 1208 HR 3R IV

For rental activities, for example in the automotive, mass distribution, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, Schoeller Arca Systems has developed a new reversible pallet, the BiPP Everest 1208 HR 3R IV, measuring 1,200 x 800 mm. Its design is based on the palette that Schoeller Arca Systems developed for the US iGPS pooling company, replacing the GMA wood pallet.

The new generation of Everest pallets combines two production technologies - twin sheet and injection molding - that provide a lighter, more robust pallet than the previous generation of BiPP Everest pallets. Weighing only 17.5 kg, the BiPP Everest IV accepts loads as heavy as 1250 kg.

The BiPP Everest 1208 HR 3R IV is supplied with an anti-slip coating, four hand holes on the tray and four handles under the underside of the tray. Thus, it is easy to handle, while notches are provided as standard for the vertical integration of RFID tags. It is also available with a smooth tray for agri-food applications; Easy to clean, it meets HACCP requirements.

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