SSI-SCHAEFER KDR dynamic shelving: the latest generation of dynamics

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SSI-SCHAEFER KDR dynamic shelving: the latest generation of dynamics
Tuesday, September 2, 2008Description :
Dynamic shelving KDR offers in addition to space saving, safety and optimal ergonomics of the workstation.

With a conventional shelving, a control processor divides its time in the following way:

- 10 to 20% to find the information (number of packages, place of storage ...)

- 50 to 70% on the move, to carry out its picking operations

- 20 to 30% by sampling and conditioning.

The dynamic storage KDR of SSI-SCHAEFER reduces the travel time of operators by 40 to 70% and therefore increases productivity. In fact, sampling takes place on shelf fronts and the number of aisles is considerably reduced. The products are routed directly to the operator. The preparer no longer moves, it is the parcels that come to him.

Another advantage is the KDR dynamic shelving, which allows a 30% increase in area thanks to the removal of unnecessary aisles, thus maximizing the storage space.

In addition, dynamic shelving KDR is ideal for high rotation products because it uses the principle of FIFO (first in, first out). Inventory management and compliance with expiry dates are therefore facilitated.

To optimize the ergonomics of the workstation, SSI-SCHAEFER's KDR racks can be adjusted very precisely: adjustment of the slope, adjustment of the position of the rails and rollers ...

It is also possible to add a system "Pick to light" which allows to electronically display the quantity and the product to be taken. A light is displayed below the parcel where the picking is to be carried out, which considerably reduces the risk of errors and the loss of time.

An ESD version of the KDR shelving is available on request.

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