STAGEMAKER SR: The new generation of electric chain hoist VERLINDE for the show

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STAGEMAKER SR: The new generation of electric chain hoist VERLINDE for the show
Sunday, January 5, 2014Description :
With a completely new ergonomic design, STAGEMAKER SR is the only model on the market to be equipped with a double brake, retractable handles and rubberized protection zones. STAGEMAKER SR also integrates harmoniously into all technical installations and offers the highest levels of safety and productivity.

STAGEMAKER SR is proposed for its launch in two models, SR2 for loads up to 250 kg, and SR5 for loads up to 500kg, each available with lifting speeds of 4m / min, 8m / min Or 16 m / min. Each model is available in version A or B. In version A it is a motor with direct voltage control for rental or rigging applications. In version B, it is a motor with low voltage control for fixed installations. Its new ergonomic design and its black color allow it to integrate harmoniously into its environment, especially in grills equipped with fixtures. Its retractable handles prevent the risk of injury during assembly and guarantee the best levels of compactness in the folded configuration. Protective rubber buffers also protect it from shocks during handling.

In keeping with the tradition of the STAGEMAKER VERLINDE engines, STAGEMAKER SR is equipped with the best safety devices to meet the standards and regulations in force. In its standard delivery the new model STAGEMAKER SR is equipped with a double lifting brake to make it directly compatible D8 and D8 + (with taring by dividing the nominal load capacity by 2), this lifting unit will thus be the only tackle Of the market with this level of safety as standard. In addition, it features a new and unique lifting nut design with intermediate teeth for driving the "Perfect Push®" chain, as well as a chain guiding system called "CHAINFlux® MKII". With the new torque limiter, the positioning of the clutch in the gear unit ensures the maintenance of the load by the brake whatever the operating conditions. With the electric limit switch as standard on version B, the upper and lower lifting hook positions are secured for the user.

Lubricated for life to reduce maintenance, the gear unit is sized for extremely long operating times up to 3200 hours. The maintenance operations are simpler, faster and more economical: easy access to the brake adjustment, easy access to the torque limiter setting, easy access to the fuse, etc. The high-precision machining of the gear trains also ensures operation with a very low level of noise pollution at 70 dBA only. The clutch is very easy to access for occasional maintenance operations and its positioning in the reducer ensures the maintenance of the load by the brake whatever the operating conditions of the device.

New patented concept "Perfect Push®", the 5-cell lifting nut is equipped with 5 intermediate teeth for a perfect grip of the lifting chain, which allows a better guiding of the chain and avoids any risk of jamming. The "CHAINFlux® MKII", made of high-strength aluminum, also allows a completely flowing horizontal flow at the output of the lifting nuts and facilitates the passage of the chain during the ejection. This system avoids any possibility of "tamping" due to the torsion of the chain, and optimizes the introduction of the chain into the tank.

Various options are available: cam end-stop (2 or 4 cams), fixing by eyelet replacing the upper hook, self-closing lifting hook, range of controllers, flight case range.

The leading French manufacturer and exporter of lifting and handling equipment.

A constantly evolving range of 30 series of lifting equipment, for loads of 60

To 250,000 kg.

> ISO 9001 quality assurance certification.

> ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.

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