STILL launches a new stacker: the EXV

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STILL launches a new stacker: the EXV
Thursday, August 14, 2008Description :
These new stackers are based on a modular concept allowing the customer to choose, from a multitude of options, the ones best suited to his constraints of use.

Used in many fields: industry, logistics, large areas ..., the EXV 10 and 12 are designed for loads of 1.0 and 1.2 tons. Thanks to their maneuverability, EXVs prove to be particularly effective in narrow aisles or for product shelving.

STILL has focused on robustness, reliability and low maintenance cost. Thus, the excellent stability is obtained, thanks to a new geometry of the masts, reinforced forks and an even more rigid chassis. On the power side, the two stackers have an asynchronous motor of 1.2 KW which guarantees high commitments for low maintenance costs. Different lifting (telescopic mast or full free lift) are offered and the EXV 12 is even available with two optional triple masts.

Lifting and lowering speeds, with or without load, are the most efficient on the market. The proportional hydraulic controls (rising, lowering the forks) are very flexible and extremely quiet.

Moreover, thanks to the three-position contactor, each user can adapt this sensitivity to his working situation, which is particularly useful for transporting fragile loads.

Another advantage is that the EXV stackers are equipped with an intelligent speed control that takes account of the angle of the drawbar. As long as the drawbar is raised, the speed is limited, greatly reducing the risk of an accident.

When the user moves away from the machine, thus moving the drawbar to a more horizontal position, the maximum speed of 6 km / hour can be reached safely. This safety concept is complemented by a switch at the top of the drawbar.

Thanks to its design, all the functions of the tiller can be accessed with one hand, for both left-handed and right-handers. The large keys are designed to be operated even with gloves.

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