Still RX 60-60 / 80 Electric Forklift: powerful, compact and quiet

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Still RX 60-60 / 80 Electric Forklift: powerful, compact and quiet
Wednesday, August 27, 2014Description :
Can be used both indoors and outdoors, this forklift with a capacity of 6 to 8 tons, is very handy and particularly quiet. It offers a versatile solution ideal for all transfers and storage of heavy loads.

This new electric forklift has a totally clean engine, quiet operation and a small radius of gyration that opens missions that are inaccessible to the thermal fronts: serving production workshops, loading and unloading trucks ...

Powerful and compact

With a length of less than 3,500 mm and a width not exceeding 1,68 m (single wheels) or 2 m (twin wheels), the RX 60-60 / 80 has a turning radius of just three Meters, allowing it to work in aisles with a width of less than 5 m. The RX 60-80 even ranks among the most compact forklift trucks in its class.

Its 80-volt waterproof maintenance-free motor makes it an ideal trolley for indoor / outdoor use. The drive is carried out using two robust and powerful motors (2x10.5 kW) with braking energy recovery. Offering an aggressive acceleration profile, this truck can reach a maximum speed of 17 km / h, which puts it at the top of its class.

It is also distinguished by a very good stability and an excellent curvature. As standard, the RX 60-60 / 80 models are equipped with five driving programs and the Blue-Q Economy Module providing up to 10% energy gain with no impact on performance. On the floor, the user can choose between two control options (one or two pedals) for acceleration and braking. In both cases, the trolley brakes electrically, without wear, with each release of the accelerator pedal.

With two powerful 21 kW lift engines, the RX 60 60/80 achieves lift speeds of up to 0.48 m / s while maintaining exceptional accuracy for each hydraulic movement.

Available in telescopic or triplex versions, a choice of high torsion rigidity masts allows a lift height of up to 8,740 mm (RX 60-60). Very precise and progressive, the control regulating acceleration and lift ensures maximum precision and maximum working safety up to the highest storage heights.

Advanced and advanced ergonomics:

The ergonomics of the cab are assured at all levels: access by large steps, always visible and accessible even from above, handles on the protective roof and the battery cover.

To facilitate orientation and maximize visual control over the load, the driver's seat is raised and the driver's cab is asymmetrically offset to the left of the chassis as on a car.

The operator thus has a frontal visual control cleared, by the left of the mast, directly on the load. The RX60 60/80 has been designed for optimal peripheral visibility in order to maintain the efficiency and safety of the sockets and loads, both outside and inside, at all shelf heights.

Thanks to a side opening compartment, the battery change can be easily and safely carried out using another forklift without the need for a crane. This configuration allows a quick change of the battery, making it easier to use the truck continuously on several stations.

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