TF450, Technifor's new 50-watt marking laser

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TF450, Technifor's new 50-watt marking laser
Tuesday, July 29, 2014Description :
Compact and totally bundled, the TF450 is a permanent high-performance permanent marking machine that can be integrated on a production line and that allows a high-contrast marking

Equipped with a fiber laser source, this new marking laser benefits from all the advantages of the range: long life, constant marking quality, minimum integration cost and low maintenance. In addition, users benefit from a surface marking speed 2 times faster than the 30-watt version, for an identical result. This reduces production cycle time and increases productivity for industrial site managers.

Thanks to its power of 50 watts, the beam of the TF450 vaporizes the material for a totally unalterable marking. This laser interaction offers new possibilities for deeper engraving, especially in the hardest materials such as metals. A particularly useful feature for markings that must remain legible after the application of a coating of paint or surface treatment and which allows the global manufacturer Technifor to extend its presence to professionals working in steel, stainless steel, Aluminum, copper and brass.

Many industries use this type of marking:

    Automotive industry: engraving of engine and chassis blocks

    Valves: engraving on water meters

    Metallurgy: engraving of beams and aluminum profiles

    Other industries: cutlery, armory, medical sector ...

From contrasting marking to micro-machining, the TF450 is a versatile engraving solution. The machine has even been tested and approved for the cutting of thin metal plates up to 3 mm thick. For these new applications, users will be able to count on the power of the LaserStyle ™ software, in particular to carry out complex tool paths, and thus express all their creativity.

This orientation provides Technifor with good prospects for development in the precision micro-machining markets, such as micro-mechanics or watchmaking, and allows the brand, historically known for its expertise and know-how in micro- Percussion, to strengthen its positioning in laser marking and machining.

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