The BT Cargo C4D / G 150D-200D range of forklifts now boasts a new high-visibility Toyota mast

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The BT Cargo C4D / G 150D-200D range of forklifts now boasts a new high-visibility Toyota mast
Sunday, October 5, 2008Description :
This new mast not only provides an excellent view of the load and the working environment, but is also characterized by excellent qualities of torsional stiffness.

The tortic rigidity of this new mast facilitates the safe stacking of loads of all sizes.

The comfort of the operator is remarkable with easy access to the cabin thanks to the intermediate access walk and the leg area; Moreover the cabin is totally suspended on silent block, vibration absorbers directly connected to the chassis.

The adjustable suspension seat is very comfortable and comes with a seat belt as standard. The cab is therefore very ergonomic and has the best equipment for the comfort and safety of the operator.

These thermal trolleys are equipped with two powerful hydrostatic independent motors mounted in the front wheels. This combined with electronic hydrostatic management offers high performance levels.

The acceleration and the braking are thus optimal while limiting the consumption of energy and therefore the impact on the environment. It should be noted that the factory in Bologna (Italy) where the BT front loaders are manufactured holds the environmental certification according to the ISO14001 standard.

The Cargo C4D / G 150D-200D range includes models with a capacity of 1.5 to 2 tons equipped with diesel or gas engines (Toyota 2.5 liters diesel engines or 2.2 liters low emission gas). Their lifting capacity is 7000 mm. The diesel version with direct injection and the gas version for both indoor and outdoor use are very versatile.

With its wide selection of trucks, the Cargo CBD / G 15-20 models are among the flagship of the Cargo BT range.

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