The CK61ex: the newest and most comprehensive hand reader on the Intermec market

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The CK61ex: the newest and most comprehensive hand reader on the Intermec market
Friday, March 14, 2008Description :
Functional richness, including speech support, 802.11a / b / g radio and the option of non-flammability, provides the market with the flexible and scalable warehouse solutions it requires.

Intermec announces the launch of the CK61ex handheld reader based on Windows Mobile. Ultra-hardened and equipped with near-integrated EX25 imaging technology, the CK61ex hand reader allows users to quickly read 1D and 2D barcodes, whatever the orientation, from 15 cm to 15 m , To acquire images, signatures and documents, as well as to use economical paper labels for long distance readings, thus opening up new perspectives in terms of efficiency and application in the warehouse. This technology also helps to overcome barriers to data acquisition in the warehouse, such as high shelves, multiple bar code formats, damaged labels, and dark warehouse areas, thereby increasing efficiency.

The CK61ex is the most hardened and feature-rich hand reader in Intermec's Intermec EX technology suite. It features Windows Mobile 5.0, the most widely adopted operating system on hardened mobile hardware, and offers optional Terminal Emulation support for integration with existing warehouse management systems.

In addition, the CK61ex responds to customers' growing interest in operating radio frequency bands by offering 802.11a / b / g radio support. It offers 128 MB of RAM and 192 MB of storage, to handle ever-increasing and large applications, as well as their associated data, and supports voice applications.

Finally, the CK61ex also offers flame retardant options (UL Class I, II, III, Div 2). In 2008, it will provide mobile RFID read / write functionality via an optional RFID handle (IP30). No other product currently available on the market equals its combination of features and options.

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