The EXU-S, an electric pallet truck from STILL

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The EXU-S, an electric pallet truck from STILL
Sunday, April 13, 2008Description :
This pallet truck with a capacity of 2.2 to 2.4 tons is particularly well suited for truck loading and unloading and the transfer of heavy loads over long distances.

Highly manoeuvrable even in small trucks:

The dimensions of the EXU-S make it an ideal solution for interior trucks, narrow ramps and access to the smallest driveways of the warehouses. With its overall width of 720 mm, the EXU-S is the closest in its class.

As for the asynchronous motor (with a power of 3.0 KW), it is distinguished as much by its dynamism as by its sobriety. A simple press of a button allows to adjust the performance to the needs of each application. The driver has two choices: "ECO" mode and "BOOST" mode. In economical mode, the motor is operating at a minimum and the accelerations are moderate. This results in a 15% increase in battery life while maintaining the same productivity as standard models on the market. Result: With the same battery charge, the "ECO" mode allows to load or unload a truck more!

Using his pallet truck in "BOOST" mode, the operator immediately gains extra power and torque, maximizing acceleration and top speed. With an autonomy identical to that of the equivalent models of the market, the productivity increases by 25%. This makes it possible to load or unload between three and four more trucks per battery charge! For applications requiring high performance, the EXU-S can accommodate a 620 Ah battery, while a 450 Ah battery is sufficient for most applications.


Two platform types are available: side or rear entry depending on customer applications.

For long distance transfer applications, the lateral platform offers the advantage of greater comfort and better safety in the event of frequent traffic in both directions. Both versions have the same suspension quality (a concept developed and patented by Still). The comfort thus provided makes it possible to spare the back of the driver thanks to a very effective damping of the shocks.

Safety and stability:

Their monobloc chassis, the robustness and power of their engine and the elaborate configuration of their support rollers make them particularly stable, perfectly adapted to the typical tasks of heavy duty pallet trucks with high load capacity.

For optimum grip, the central drive wheel, suspended on a spring, exerts a ground pressure proportional to the load present on the fork. The lateral stability of the EXU-S is ensured by two sets of twin wheels largely dimensioned and placed on either side of the driving wheel.

Securing turns by automatic speed reduction:

The 100% electric control of the EXU-S ("fly by wire" type) makes it possible to fully exploit the possibilities of the CAN BUS system of which it is equipped. Among the advantages of this system: the automatic reduction of the speed in curve. The side support wheels provide very high cornering stability while minimizing the effects of centrifugal force. Particularly fluid, the direction has been studied for maneuvers in the most confined spaces.

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