The first hardened handheld capable of reading bar codes from near and far from Intermec

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The first hardened handheld capable of reading bar codes from near and far from Intermec
Thursday, February 14, 2008Description :
This computer is able to read any symbology from 15 cm to 15 m!

Intermec introduces the CK31ex, the first handheld to integrate EX25 near / far imaging technology, capable of reading any symbology from 15 cm up to 15 m. In the warehouse, the CK31ex makes it possible to use only one device for all computer needs (data capture, documentation by image ...), which increases productivity and reduces costs.

Its extensive reach brings the advantages of AIT (zone imaging) to all current and future warehouse operations for the benefit of new uses.

Intermec's Intellibeam ™ EX25 scan engine, equipped with the CK31ex, reads and decodes linear and two-dimensional bar codes as well as composite codes and postal codes from near and far, And in any orientation.

It can also read long-distance codes printed on plain paper, avoiding the purchase of special, more expensive label paper, as is currently the case.

In addition, the operator does not have to turn the wrist or object to read the codes, and therefore works faster and more efficiently. The CK31ex also makes it possible to take photographs to serve as proof of delivery or operation and support any declaration of damaged, outdated or unsealed product.

Its unique autofocus technology ensures precise reading even in motion, when the brightness is low, or the codes are damaged or placed at a height.

The CK31ex handheld is compatible with warehouse management (WMS) applications that use linear barcodes. It is also compatible with bidimensional codes (increasingly used in the enterprise), either to indicate more information on a smaller surface area, or to comply with customer and supplier initiatives in sectors such as: Automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

The CK31ex combines performance and durability in an intuitive system designed for use in warehouse and distribution environments. It is equipped with the Microsoft Windows CE.NET operating system, a factory-loaded terminal emulation (optional), a bright VGA touch screen and a Cisco-compatible 802.11 b / g WiFi radio, to guarantee The most reliable and fastest wireless network.

RoHS compliant, the CK31ex has several keyboard capabilities for uses such as delivery and receipt, storage, pickup and warehouse inventory. For very repetitive read operations, the user can install himself the removable gun handle option.

The device is also based on Intermec's SmartSystems ™ Foundation, which provides a single, integrated environment for the automated deployment and administration of systems across the enterprise, whether on-site or remotely.

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