The future of maintenance here and now, with TRUCONNECT® real-time services

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The future of maintenance here and now, with TRUCONNECT® real-time services
Friday, June 24, 2016Description :
With TRUCONNECT, Konecranes offers a remote service that links data, machines and individuals to provide remote monitoring service and provides diagnostics, analysis and preventive maintenance, Actual use of equipment. Designed to help companies anticipate their maintenance needs and performance problems, TRUCONNECT intervenes before the situation becomes critical and before the safety of employees, productivity and the profit of the companies are jeopardized.

The Industrial Internet is in the process of transforming the global industry deeply by connecting intelligent machines and individuals in the workplace. Coupled with the world of machines, this network of the digital age suggests a promising future. Konecranes is aware of the importance of the Industrial Internet and the possible upheavals it could bring to the material handling industry. The company is already using it to evolve the service world with remote monitoring, diagnostics, analysis and preventive maintenance measured according to the actual use of the equipment - and provides real-time visibility and a complete customer experience In fact.

Today, these maintenance and repair services are, for the most part, carried out in a programmed manner and according to a precise schedule, in particular because real-time information on the state and performance of equipment is sometimes lacking. A significant amount of money, but also time, is spoiled by lack of information. It is also common to see technicians remedy in a hurry to failures that could have been avoided if the same preventive maintenance information had come to them. By offering genuine visibility on the use of overhead cranes and their operating parameters, the TRUCONNECT remote monitoring service participates in the decision-making of customers who wish to control their maintenance budget and their productivity. The data are used to evaluate the theoretical remaining service life and the lifetime of the components concerned. They also help to identify models for the use of overhead cranes, and to determine the need for training operators to improve safety and productivity. An "alerts" function informs the user via e-mail and / or SMS of any incidents - such as overheating, overload attempts and emergency stops - with the intention of making decisions as quickly as possible Are necessary.

Contributing to the optimal use of equipment
All emergency stops, overloads, and other safety issues are logged and reported, enabling engineers and technicians to resolve issues and take corrective action. With the TRUCONNECT monitoring service, it is possible to make the most of equipment by identifying the training needs of operators, with a view to improving the safety and productivity of the operating sites.

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