The Liftronic, an intelligent industrial manipulator from INDEVA

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The Liftronic, an intelligent industrial manipulator from INDEVA
Tuesday, April 1, 2008Description :
This manipulator is designed for complex applications and is compatible with all power actuated socket systems.

This 4th generation of manipulator gives INDEVA a new lead. Liftronic offers all the advantages of an intelligent manipulator:

Self-balanced thanks to the integration of an innovative device with a new microprocessor-based logic that automatically adjusts the balance to the applied load in real time. The sensitive handle eliminates thrust inertia and makes the system a real extension of the operator's arm.

Compared to a hoist or pneumatic manipulator, the Liftronic offers superior displacement speed, greater accuracy in load positioning, greater maneuverability and automatic weight measurement. All these advantages translate into a real increase in productivity, ergonomics for the operator and safety in the handling of delicate loads.

Liftronic is equipped with a mechanical brake in the event of a power failure and an engine brake that limits excessive descent speeds. The Liftronic is lightweight (40 Kg) which makes it handy and allows it to be fixed on a column with articulated arms, on the ceiling or on a trolley sliding on overhead rails, simple or with articulated arm

Technology "MODULO" Indeva! Innovative concept that allows the use of standard modules (load cells, control unit, sensory handles, I / O module ...) to shorten study and production times. Adapting to changes in working conditions becomes almost immediate. "MODULO" will also improve reliability while reducing maintenance costs.

The Liftronic can be equipped with an infinite series of mechanical, magnetic or vacuum grip tools. These specific tools are the strength of Indeva. These are entirely studied and designed by Indeva in Italy, in line with the client's specifications.

The intelligent and specific part of the grip tool will be developed on one of the 18 CAD stations of one of the Scaglia design offices. The design of complex grip tools can therefore be envisaged at very reasonable costs.

Technical characteristics :

- Maximum capacity: 320 kg

- Maximum range: 4 meters

- Maximum lifting speed: 36 meters / minute

- Vertical stroke: up to 3 meters

- Control: electronic

- Power supply: 110/230 Volts - 50/60 Hz

- Maximum power consumption: 700 VA

- Degree of protection: IP 54

- Operating temperatures: from 0 ° to 40 ° C

- Noise level: 20 dB A

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