The STILL Hybrid RX70 forklift gets the Janus of Industry

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The STILL Hybrid RX70 forklift gets the Janus of Industry
Saturday, September 27, 2008Description :
This label, which crowns the RX70 Hybrid Carriage, has been awarded since 1953 for products designed from the outset to bring real benefit to the user.

The award will be presented to the Senate by Hervé Novelli (Secretary of State for Enterprise and Foreign Trade) on October 3, 2008 at 6:30 pm.

Design and rounded curves, the RX70 Hybrid was designed as the rest of the STILL range for the comfort and well-being of the driver. "Because we must not forget that design is not limited to the exterior, it focuses primarily on optimizing ergonomics and functionalities," explains Thomas Fischer, President of STILL. Areas where the RX 70 stands out!

Everything has been conceived for the comfort of the operator: suspended cabin, seat with adjustable shock absorber according to the weight of the driver, wide leg space ... The RX70 offers exceptional visibility on load and working environment. It is placed in first position according to the visual measurement tests of the ADAC *.

The consumption of the RX70 is very low which leads to lower CO2 emissions, simply because the fuel not consumed ... does not create polluting emissions! The result is a double advantage: lower operating costs and minimal impact on the environment.

With a recycling rate of more than 95%, the RX70 is one of the spearheads of STILL's positioning on the sustainable economy concept. The RX70 Hybrid is thus in line with the expectations of today's world: combining pure performance and ecological performance.

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