The STILL RX70 thermal forklift, a commitment to sustainable economy

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The STILL RX70 thermal forklift, a commitment to sustainable economy
Sunday, April 20, 2008Description :
This RX70 thermal trolley (2,2t to 3,5t) is used in heavy work environments, loading, truck unloading and freight transport. It is intended for many sectors of activity.

The true cost of a forklift is determined by taking into account all costs associated with it. This approach integrates all the expenses incurred during the period of use of a product: not only the costs of implementation (purchase / leasing) but also the costs that it generates through its consumption (lubrication, fuel. ..) and its maintenance (maintenance, spare parts ...). It is the notion of sustainable economy that STILL has taken into account for the creation of the RX70.

The RX70 has the lowest power consumption in the world: only 2.5l / h *. It has a powerful drive system that includes:

- A generator driven by a thermal engine

- Intelligent control

- An electric motor with a contactless transmission, exclusively magnetic.

No contact, no friction, so no wear!

Thanks to this optimized drive system, the RX70 revolutionizes the world of the truck: the engine speed feeding the generator is automatically set to the minimum value, like a sixth gear on cars. This reduces the consumption by about 5% and reduces the noise level.

The RX70 is the only truck in the world with hybrid technology. It has the advantages of diesel and electric. Extremely powerful and robust as a diesel, it also benefits from the finesse and the safety of use of an electric trolley. The electronic control of its motor allows continuous adaptation and optimum energy efficiency under all conditions of use.

Electric braking also offers many practical advantages: wear-free braking, which also eliminates maintenance costs. In addition, a simple release of the accelerator is sufficient, even on the steepest slopes to immobilize the truck.

The RX70 offers unique visibility in the world: in front, with the large windscreen lowered and the ergonomic arrangement of the instruments allow a clear view on the fork tips. At the top, the slimness of the roof pillars and the large safety windows give the view of the loads lifted. And backwards, the counterweight leaves a maximum place for visibility. This visibility was tested by the ADAC which placed the RX70 in number 1 all categories combined.

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