Unique in France, a ferry that revolutionizes the order preparation of SSI Schaefer

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Unique in France, a ferry that revolutionizes the order preparation of SSI Schaefer
Tuesday, January 20, 2009Description :
This new FB-K 1354 by SSI-SCHAEFER offers a major advantage: the small side opens and closes at will according to the needs and allows a better grasp of the products.

Used in the automotive industry for the storage of beams, it is versatile and adapts perfectly to all other sectors: pharmacy, chemistry, agri-food ...

Specifically designed to optimize the flow of goods along the warp, the FB-K has one side that can be opened and closed as required. The operator no longer needs to raise the arm to take his products, the specimen is taken from the front and at the height of man. In terms of ergonomics, this tank is highly appreciated by the order pickers because it avoids the excessively repetitive efforts that cause a large part of the Musculo Skeletal Disorders (MSD).

Completely modular in size, the FB-K 1354 is made to measure to meet the specific requirements of each customer (Maximum size: length 1800 mm x width 600 mm x height 450 mm). Each tray can carry a load of 40 Kg.

Made of Polypropylene (PPL 6), which makes it antistatic (ESD), this material also has the advantage of being an excellent acoustic insulation on conveyors.

The FB-K 1354 can withstand temperatures from -20 ° C to + 70 ° C. Smooth internal walls facilitate washing. It is also resistant to most acids, oils and alkaline products.

Another important advantage: all FB-K containers are stackable and can be rotated by 180 °. They thus offer a volume saving of 75% for the management of empty returns. Volume reduction also means reduced storage and return costs.

All trays are equipped with handles for easy manual grabbing, but can also be stored in an automatic magazine where they are supported by a stacker for maximum productivity.

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