Unique in the world, KANVAN: the combination of a tractor and a STILL forklift truck

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Unique in the world, KANVAN: the combination of a tractor and a STILL forklift truck
Monday, September 15, 2008Description :
The KANVAN is a tractor equipped with a lifting device. Intended for all branches: mass distribution, logistics, transport and industry, it perfectly meets the requirements of Lean Manufacturing.

A tractor with lifting device:

The KANVAN is a tractor, built on the basis of a CX-T with a traction power of 4 tons. It also has a lifting function, which can be used if necessary, for lifting pallets, loading / unloading trailers and upgrading for order preparation or pallet construction. Foldable forks are mounted on the back of the unit. Once the forks are folded, the tractor offers excellent maneuverability for towing.

To unload the goods, the driver uncovers the trailers and unfolds the forks with an electrical control from the driver's seat. In a matter of seconds, he is able to use his vehicle as a forklift truck. The lifting trucks provided at the various stations and used solely for lifting purposes may therefore be omitted. The lifting height corresponds to the ergonomic height of a worktable, ie 1,20m for loads up to 500 kg.

KANVAN, thanks to its versatility is the ideal device for companies using Lean Manufacturing and Kanban principle. Indeed, during the journey, it is often necessary to lift a load, to raise work height of goods, to load and unload a trailer, to store a container ... The KANVAN then combines the advantages of the tractor (maneuverability, Easy up and down) with the advantages of a forklift truck (lifting of loads, leveling ...).

Handy, comfortable and dynamic:

The CX-T is very handy. The low height of the platform facilitates the frequent rise and fall of the driver thanks to the non-slip footboards. The

Suspended platform significantly reduces vibration to prevent back pain and ensures good driving comfort. Its 70 mm ground clearance allows outdoor use and facilitates threshold crossing. The CX-T thus becomes the link between the different logistical zones whatever the route to be taken. Its traction speed is 12 km / h unloaded and 7.5 km / h under load.

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