Verlinde extends its range of speed control to almost all its range of hoists

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Verlinde extends its range of speed control to almost all its range of hoists
Monday, April 21, 2008Description :
Whether light or heavy loads, the user with this variation of speed offers greater comfort and a great flexibility of use.

While it was reserved for the Eurochain VL 10 hoist, with a lifting range of 500 to 2000 kg, the speed variation becomes available on almost the entire range. Thus, all hoists in the EUROCHAIN ??VL range covering a lifting range of 250 to 7500 kg benefit from this option.

Only models VL1 and VL2 are excluded. Variable speed without thresholds on lifting movements ensures extremely precise positioning of loads and more flexibility of use. Depending on the weight of the load, the type of movement and its own experience, the user can adjust the speed of movement at will. Lifting is safer and more precise.

With a minimum speed of about 0.2 m / min (depending on the version), it allows less experienced operators to handle loads without risk of damage.


-Electric chainwheel standard EUROCHAIN ??VL.

Encoder on motor shaft.

- Braking Resistance.

- Brake control relay and rectifier.

-System for continuous speed control.

Increased productivity:

Smooth starts, fast accelerations, and gentle stops accelerate handling cycles.

Reduced Maintenance Cost:

Continuous speed control makes it possible to use the electric brake as a priority during decelerations before actuating the mechanical brake (which is used by friction). The latter then serves only as a holding brake (or parking).

Longer life:

Thanks to progressive starts and smoother stops, mechanical shocks are reduced. The stress of the components of the hoist and of the metal structure on which it rests is lower, thus increasing their service life.

Power supply:

The continuous control of the speed gives a good electrical efficiency. In addition, the slow movement at the start makes it possible to use smaller power components, requiring a low starting current.

Optimized security:

A high and low limit switch, as well as a load limiter are installed as standard.

A speed monitoring unit separated from the drive stops the movement instantaneously, in the event of a difference in speed, overspeed or stalling. If the motor does not rotate, or if it is at a speed of 20% above the nominal speed, the system does not allow lifting movement.

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