VERLINDE VT hoist selected to equip the inverted stem of PELLOBY

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VERLINDE VT hoist selected to equip the inverted stem of PELLOBY
Tuesday, July 12, 2016Description :
PELLOBY has just installed a unique inverted bracket equipped with a VERLINDE EUROBLOC VT2 rope hoist in the ISIS center of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) of the Rutherford Appleton laboratory near Oxford.
ISIS is a research center on internationally renowned materials that produces neutron and muon beams capable of exploring the complexity of matter through a set of beam projection instruments that open up unique perspectives on the properties of materials At the atomic scale.

A series of three adjacent overhead cranes covers the width of one of the two large experimental halls of the ISIS site to allow access to the different areas harboring the beam definition equipment. But after the enlargement of the buildings, to receive additional instruments, new spaces were in a dead zone inaccessible to the cranes.

Pelloby was given the task of finding a lifting solution that allows ISIS and the research teams of the complex to access these dead zones - the aim being to lift the components of the beam projection instruments, shields and other materials for the And remove them from areas where access to cranes is limited.

In close collaboration with STFC engineers, our designers have developed an inverted bracket covering the entire length of the building on a 53-meter gantry, while providing continuous 360-degree access over a five-meter radius through A rotating motorized stem. This modified stem can lift loads up to five tons with a Verlinde Eurobloc VT2 hoist.

Because the bridge required access to difficult areas, operators had to smoothly bypass obstacles such as structural elements of buildings and existing machinery. It is therefore controlled by an easy-to-use portable radio remote control which controls the longitudinal movement, the rotation of the boom arm and the displacement of the Verlinde reduced-height electric cable hoist. The boom arm was equipped with anti-collision sensors that automatically immobilize the system when approaching another object.
This reverse stem is a unique system that has been developed thanks to the innovative capabilities of Pelloby's design engineers and the versatility of the Verlinde Eurobloc VT tackle family.

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