Yale introduces its new high-order order picker for very narrow aisles MO10 - 10S

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Yale introduces its new high-order order picker for very narrow aisles MO10 - 10S
Monday, September 29, 2008Description :
The new high-speed order picker (10 m) is equipped with the latest Yale AC technology. This trolley is intended for applications requiring high productivity.

Yale's new generation of medium and high-lift control units for narrow aisles is intended for use in European distribution warehouses. This order picker is equipped with the latest technology of sealed AC motors on traction, lift and steering.

It is equipped with a CANbus semiconductor communication and a high visibility mast. It is offered in a lifting capacity of 1000 kg and a collection height of 10 m. Its exceptional ergonomics and operator control options make it an order picker to take into account when assessing the needs of your fleet.

1) High productivity

In the MO series, three-phase AC technology combined with the MOSFET control system and four operating modes allow real-time monitoring of all aspects of truck operation regardless of working conditions.

When combined with the lifting / lowering and forward / reverse controls on both sides of the truck for off-platform use, the additional lift designed for pallet or crash control makes the order picker Extremely versatile, regardless of working heights up to 10 m. Rapid acceleration and diagonal lift allow for optimal displacement at high collection speeds.

- Ergonomic design

Everything that the operator sees and touches has been harmonized to create a work environment that touches perfection. Clear legroom (with a footboard that is only 250 mm high) to the soft touch finish incorporating sound insulation in the cabin, nothing has been left to chance on the Series MO.

The operator can control each function of the trolley without having to reposition his hands. PIN code access and individual operator preferences with height selector further increase the versatility of this truck.

- The choice of the operator

With three chassis specifications, fourteen high-visibility masts, collection heights (h 12 + 1600 mm) ranging from 5420 to 9995 mm, guided or free movement, operators working in warehouses can choose from a wide range of specifications suited to Requirements of various applications.

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