Yale VeracitorTM VX extends tire life

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Yale VeracitorTM VX extends tire life
Sunday, October 12, 2008Description :
The operating characteristics without problems of this trolley. Thermal elevator allow an increase in the life of the tires of almost 75%.

When Yale launched the VeracitorTM VX series of forklift trucks in 2005, one of the benefits highlighted by the brand and today confirmed by the Rockwool group was that the life of the tires was extended Of nearly 75%.

Rockwool manages a fleet of more than 100 VeracitorTM VX Yale 1.6 to 3.5 ton series trucks at its Rockpanel production facility in Roermond, the Netherlands. The company has gained extensive experience in operating the new VeracitorTM VX supplied by Yale distributor in the Netherlands, Wynmalen Materials Handling BV (Vlaardingen).

George Vaessen, chief technical officer of the Rockwool Group in Roermond, says: "The wear and tire replacement cost remains a major concern for Rockwool, but the VeracitorTM VX Yale trucks, equipped with the automatic deceleration system (ADS) and Controlled Drive Reversal (CPR), helped improve tire longevity by 40% when our trucks operate outdoors, and by close to 75% Inside, on smooth ground ".

"The average tire life, when the trucks are used outdoors, has increased from 1,200 to 1,700 hours, and the average life span for indoor use has increased from 4,000 to 7,000 hours Based on an average replacement cost of 1,000 euros for 4 tires, you will appreciate the substantial savings we have realized and we have also increased the actual running time of our trolleys.

When launching the new VeracitorTM VX Series, Yale claimed that the thermal truck had the same operating characteristics as an equivalent electric truck, including regeneration or "phase reversal" braking, controlled reversal Sense of walking and general control.

After three years of use within the Rockwool group, it appears that all these operating characteristics have contributed significantly to extending the life of the brakes and reducing the overall cost of operation of the truck.

Roermond's "Rockpanel" plant is a modern manufacturing site for insulation panels for facades. The trolleys, which are used by several operators, each with its own driving style, operate relentlessly over short travel distances.

They are subjected to strong accelerations, permanent changes in direction of travel and sudden braking. These conditions considerably accelerate tire wear.

With the on-board Intellix TM VSM (Vehicle System Manager), which manages fault diagnosis, Rockwool can accurately track the operation of its Yale trucks, saving on wear and tire replacement, Significantly reduced the overall operating cost of its fleet of forklifts.

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