ZASCHESitec handling carbon manipulators

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ZASCHESitec handling carbon manipulators
Sunday, May 12, 2013Description :
Chance: Working Easier

With manually operated manipulators, the so-called "dead weights" (eg the arms of a crane) In addition to the own weight of the load? Accelerated at least twice and slowed down at least twice during each work rate.

With carbon elements, ZASCHESitec obtains up to a four-fold reduction in weight compared to the materials currently in use.

Advantages: Ergonomics and acceptance by workers

Current requirements

»» Ergonomic design of manual work places

»» Acceptance by workers on machinery for handling demographic development and new design of work places resulting from it

... will be significantly exceeded by using this material.

KSL-Carbone Swivel Hinges

They are equipped with either pneumatic cable balancer or electric hoist with SpeedHoist cable. Both are respectively assembled above the pillar.

This makes the worker extremely comfortable to handle because only the very small mass of the pivoting bracket is to be moved.

Mechanisms of control

»» Solid control of pneumatic climb / descent

»» Rapid control of two pneumatic loads

»» Comfortable electro-pneumatic control by manual force detection

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